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Signify Health partners with leading health plans, healthcare providers, and life sciences companies to improve quality of life by providing comprehensive clinical and social care where and when it's needed most.  With an innovative logistics and clinical workflow technology platform, robust data set, and unparalleled national clinician and social services networks, the company provides evaluative services, complex care management, social determinants of health, and outcomes-based pharma services in the home and community. With an extensible network of up to 9,000 credentialed providers across all states, Signify’s physicians and nurse practitioners perform over 1 million visits in the home annually where they identify clinical and social issues for high-risk individuals enrolled in government-sponsored health programs. For more information, please visit


Decision Point Healthcare Solutions was founded on the principle that health plan clinical, financial and operational performance can be greatly improved by making informed predictions on strategic decisions. Using revolutionary processes and technology, Decision Point helps plans prioritize decisions based on the return and the likelihood of success, fine-tune those decisions based on data-driven knowledge, and execute on those decisions by optimizing a plan's understanding of its members and providers.


CipherHealth is a healthcare technology company improving member outcomes and experiences through enhanced communication and care coordination. Our technologies enable effective care coordination and proactive member outreach, communication, and engagement, all designed to improve member satisfaction, meet quality measures, and reduce the overall cost of care.

Mom’s Meals NourishCare provides high-quality meal solutions direct to the homes of senior's and patient's nationwide. Customers choose every meal every order from our broad selection of entrees, including those to support common health conditions. Mom's Meals has been a leading nutrition provider for over 17 years.

Agadia is a leading healthcare management technology company addressing the evolving needs of the managed care market with a suite of utilization management solutions in electronic prior authorization, medication therapy management, part d star ratings & adherence, and formulary benefit design. Used by the nation’s largest health plans and PBMs, Agadia’s advanced technology solutions help drive operational efficiency, appropriate utilization, compliance, and profitability. For more information, visit www.agadia.com

Omnicell is a healthcare technology company that provides medication management solutions to improve health outcomes and deliver customer value to drive sustainable business growth. The Omnicell Patient Engagement platform, Next Generation Communications, and Advanced Population Analytics support effective chronic condition management to improve population health.

Healthlink Dimensions is the pioneer and leading vendor of integrated provider data, enterprise- level data management, and messaging outreach for healthcare marketers, recruiters, and coordinators. Our services empower customers to engage healthcare providers and professionals directly and successfully, building the ongoing connections that lead to community. Comprehensive, accurate data and flexible omnichannel services ensure optimized outreach, enabling organizations to focus on building relationships rather than data hygiene and maintenance. Our scalable offerings transparently support in-house capabilities, delivering outstanding value. Above all, our deep understanding of healthcare marketing enables us to help each client solve unique challenges to build successful relationships with key healthcare providers and professionals.

Media Partner

Managed Care delivers high-interest articles and features developed through original research and writing. Its editorial mission is to advise managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the business and medical aspects of the rapidly changing managed care market. A strict fact-checking and peer-review process assures the accuracy and relevance of editorial content.